Deco-Pave offers you a wide array of paving solutions for streetscapes, hardscapes, etc. Custom designs and colors are available.

Technology to create stamped Asphalt. Colored with StreetBond, the result is a decorative paving system that has the look of brick, cobblestone or slate. Streetprint© gives architects and designers creative freedom for their hardscape and/or streetscape projects, allowing them to accpomplish more with less. The cost advantages over bricks and pavers can be significant.

StreetBondSR™ – Solar Reflective for LEED® Credit
StreetBondSR™ minimizes Urban Heat Island Effect by reducing the amount of sun absorbed by pavement. Pavement surfaces are a leading cause of Urban Heat Island Effect. By reducing Heat Island Effect we can lower energy consumption and can potentially cut air conditioning bills up to 33%. Not to mention, cooler pavements mean safer, more comfortable pavements as well.

StreetBond150™ LEED® parking lot series
Contributes to sustainable parking lot design and helps keep lots looking new and clean. StreetBondSR™ – LEED® parking lot series combines high solar reflectance with easily maintained colors. Developed to help reduce parking lot maintenance and cleaning costs, it is available in colors designed to help hide the inevitable wear and tear parking lots experience.

A decorative product for high traffic applications. Allows us to inlay decorative thermoplastic patterns into impressed asphalt, creating a highly durable design quickly.

Color logos and other designs made from durable high quality thermoplastic.